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Who knew Skee’s Diner
was built by a famous diner manufacturer?

Historic Skee’s Diner opened for business in the north end of Torrington CT February of 1946. Operated by the Cisowski brothers and void of the era of fast-food restaurants, their business flourished by offered quality meals served quickly, at an affordable price.

Most people won't know the name Jerry O'Mahony, but savvy diner enthusiasts will. This name represents the mark of a rare, classic diner, a mark you will find inside Skee's.

Manufactured sometime in the early 1930's, Skee's Diner was #562 off the assembly line and built in the classic style of the era at the O'Mahony factory in Bayonne, NJ.

With steel construction, a distinctive barrel roof, marble countertop, 17 stools, and sliding entry doors, this diner defined character. Click the link above to get a peek inside Skee's Diner.

But what really stands out is the diner's interior. The windows, doors and even the ice-box are all manufactured using mahogany wood. Coated with a high gloss varnish, this magnificent interior exhibits a warm and inviting charm lacking in today's modern structures.

Although Skee's Diner served its last customer in 2001, that wasn't the end for the diner. In the fall of 2002, Skee's Diner was accepted into the National Register of Historic Places.

The restoration, relocation and reopening of Skee's Diner is a project of Preservation Torrington,
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